The Spinney

Distance: 23.6 miles

Elevation gain: ~2,300 ft (GPS devices vary)

Road Surface: 19% asphalt, 80% gravel; 1% Class IV

A solid gravel route through some of the most scenic gravel territory in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, this route is named after the inaugural concoction of our sponsor, Wild Branch Cider.

This loop starts and ends at the Craftsbury General Store and showcases two lakes (Elligo and Caspian), multiple hilltop vistas and mountain range displays that will leave you astounded. It also goes directly by the Hill Farmstead Brewery about halfway through, making it a great brewery tour loop.
The terrain is challenging but not unreasonable and the gravel is well maintained. There is one short Class IV section included so that you get the best of all worlds. This ride is best during the second week of October (see our ride video showcasing why here) but it’s a great choice during any season.