With Rasputitsa out of the picture, the organized gravel ride scene in Vermont has taken a hit for 2021, but it’s not down for the count just yet. We are looking forward to participating in this year’s The Ranger, a “Gravel Adventure for Everyone.”

With pandemic protocols and restrictions still in place throughout the state, the event will likely be different than its usual festive gathering. However, organizers are working behind the scenes to make sure it’s still an event to remember.

Final approvals from the Tunbridge Fairgrounds are still pending, so the format and configuration of exactly how the event will take place have not yet been publicized. What we know, however, is that the ride will likely occur on June 13th, and will follow the enduro format using Strava as a means for tracking competition. This means that riders will be able to complete the route on their own schedule, in theory, and the organizers can compile results after the fact — no mass start or collection of bodies in one place required. This is how the Braintree 357 ran their 2020 event, and it worked well.

We look forward to additional updates on the event and have our fingers crossed for this one!